• Environments

The Capitol Theatre

Port Chester, NY

Along with Peter Shapiro and WorldStage, batwin + robin transformed the legendary Capitol Theatre into a cutting-edge “rock palace” by designing architectural scale 3D projections mapped onto the theater’s walls, organ wells and large dome. b+r’s projection designs capture the newly renovated architecture around the proscenium arch, archways and medallions while giving endless depth to the dome.

With no limit to the breadth of media, the visuals range from vines playfully growing up the walls and columns to psychedelic patterns and to walls “crumbling down.” All of the visuals can be manipulated through the Grand MA lighting board, giving the lighting designer the ability to create a spontaneous and powerful concert experience.

“…a rock theater that looks and sounds as good as the Capitol is something to celebrate.”

- Jon Pareles, The New York Times
batwin + robin productions, inc.