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Madison Square Garden Knicks Projection Mapping

New York, NY

batwin + robin productions has produced several 3D projection mapping show openers for Madison Square Garden’s Rangers and Knicks teams.

The Knicks opener includes a tightly choreographed event that features the Knicks City Dancers dressed in LED costumes, court projection, original music composition, as well as LED GardenVision and ribbon video elements.  The seamless interaction between the dancers, projections, the music and sound design of David Van Tieghem, programmed LED costume lighting along with the fantastic arena lighting of Chris Kuroda, delivers a high impact, heart pumping, and visually impressive experience.  The projected imagery was designed to not only enhance the 3D mapping of the court but to integrate the KCD with the visuals – featuring sharp, clean and innovative animations that utilized both 3D and 2D animation effects.

batwin + robin productions, inc.