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Disney on Ice: Road Trip Adventure

Touring Show

A longtime family favorite, Disney on Ice expands and evolves every year, refreshing content and reinvigorating their live entertainment experience. Not only an ice show, the Disney on Ice experience has come to include aerialists, acrobatics, intricate costumes, puppetry, and most recently integrated media.

Their 36th show, Road Trip Adventures, produced by Feld Entertainment in the fall of 2019, follows Mickey and friends as they embark on a road trip around the world, meeting up with classic Disney characters from Mary Poppins, Aladdin, The Lion King, and more.

Working closely with Feld and a production team that included Patty Vincent (Creative Director) Ryan Cooper (Design Director) and Nancy Hutson (Director of Production /Associate Producer), batwin + robin created larger-than-life video backdrops across 10 moving LED panels for this live experience.

In coordination with Production Designer and Art Director Scott Davis, the projections take visual inspiration from the iconic artwork and animation styles associated with each of the films featured. The LED panels shift into varying configurations throughout the show, and both the video content and the screen movements are carefully choreographed to reflect the show’s music and energy.

Using 3D renders of the set, b+r worked remotely to pre-visualize content – exploring potential screen moves and configurations. Throughout on site programming, b+r worked closely with the Feld creative team, making it a truly collaborative working experience.

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