• Environments

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Atlanta, GA

The mission of the David J. Sencer Museum at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is to educate visitors about the CDC’s public health and disease prevention work. The centerpiece of the museum is called Global Symphony, a 100 ft wide multi-screen multimedia installation that presents stories about CDC’s work as told by CDC scientists.

For over ten years, batwin + robin has designed and produced these Global Symphony stories on topics including global efforts to eradicate polio, the spread of Ebola, and, most recently, the CDC’s work in preparing for influenza pandemics. The installation also includes many short, thematic media collages that feature CDC messaging and facts mixed with compelling ambient imagery.

“…an unparalleled multi-media installation highlighting the world of CDC and public health, The Global Symphony is more than just pleasing to the eye. Public health messages are communicated through intriguing narratives alternated with visual vignettes. The installation serves as an introduction to CDC and public health for all visitors.”

batwin + robin productions, inc.