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Brooklyn Historical Society

Brooklyn, New York

After years of careful planning, the 2,400 square foot multimedia exhibition Waterfront opened in DUMBO at Brooklyn Historical Society’s second location, designed by Pure + Applied. For the three-year long exhibition, batwin + robin worked closely with BHS Director of Public History Julie Golia on an animated history of the Brooklyn waterfront.

At Water’s Edge takes visitors through Brooklyn’s waterfront from the recession of the Wisconsin glacier to the present day, using archival images, as well as geographic visualizations from landscape ecologist Eric Sanderson.  The video highlights the changes in use, cultural meaning, and physical boundary the waterfront has undergone and continues to undergo and allows visitors to see that Brooklyn’s contemporary coastline is just one in a long succession of coastlines, stretching back for thousands of years.

“ … Brooklyn’s history matters and it really is central to the way that we understand the development of America and in a lot of ways, the world.”

- – Julie Golia, Director of Public History, Brooklyn Historical Society
batwin + robin productions, inc.